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Corporate Report 1

Metrics & Dashboards - Corporate Metrics Report

This is an example of a metrics dashboard. This particular dashboard is entirely created from Minitab macros. The macro reads data from a database, then automatically produces the dashboard graphs shown here. There are 10 different metrics, each with "Good" (green), "Bad" (red), and "Acceptable" (yellow) levels. The 10 metrics are also mathematically combined to produce an overall, or Total Metric.

The front page for the dashboard is the Corporate Report, which graphically depicts the current and past performance of the individual and combined metrics. Reports 2 and 3 show the performance of all 10 metrics over time, either relative to the limits, or as control charts.

You can also select a location and see the performance of the metrics for that location.

Dashboards such as this one can be easily created using Minitab as the analysis and graphical engine, then posted to a website or displayed on users' desktops.

Corporate Report 2
Corporate Report 3
Regional Site Report 1
Regional Site Report 2
Regional Site Report 3