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One-sample variance test simulation

Descriptive Statistics

Prior to release 14, Minitab contained a number of macros that users could open in any text editor or word processor. Users could either edit the macros, or use them as learning aids. In release 14, Minitab has converted the vast majority of these macros to internal code. So, if you used the macros as learning aids in the past, they are no longer available. Also, Minitab made dramatic changes to their graphics engine for release 14. As a result, the old macros from release 13 no longer work in release 14.

We have taken the Graphical Summary macro from release 13 and converted it for use in release 14. In addition, to aid others who are looking to do the same to their macros, we have fully annotated the new macro. All of the old language from release 13 is clearly marked, along with the replacement language for release 14.

One-sample t test simulation
Wilcoxon test simulation
One-Variance Test
Descriptive Statistics